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The Riverside Inn hosts many special events throughout the year - birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, baby/bridal showers, special luncheons, rehearsal dinners, and weddings. Doing this for so many years, we are able to help with all the details for your special event. Whether your event is a special dinner for 6, or a party for 70, we can help you arrange all the details.

The restaurant has two dining rooms. The side dining room is the room that we offer as a private space for larger groups. The room overlooks the river and park, with beautiful windows throughout. The side dining room accommodates up to 30 guests for a seated meal. There is also a brick patio with private access from that room for cocktails and appetizers before a meal, or coffee and dessert after dinner.

For the side dining room, we offer several options. We can make a reservation for your group at either a 5/5:15 arrival time or 8:15 and later. With this option, there are no rental fee or minimums, however, your group would not have the room for the entire evening. Another group would be reserved for the earlier/later times. If you are interested in having the room to yourselves for the entire evening, we can offer that option with a Food & Beverage Minimum.  In this instance, your group would be required to spend a minimum amount on food and beverage (not including gratuity and sales tax), regardless of how many guests are in your party.  The minimums would very much depend on the time of year and the day of the week.  Please speak to either Jenn or Kate regarding this.  During the off-season, we can offer more flexibility.

If your group is larger than 30 guests, we do not have a space that can accommodate your event during the dinner hours. We can host your event during the day, or there is the option of closing the restaurant to the public for the evening. This is not something we do often, but we do host such events several times a season. The Riverside Inn is also available for wedding ceremonies, either before your event at the inn, or prior to your event at another location.

Please call (231) 256-9971 or toll free 1-888-257-0102 or complete the form below for more details.

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