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Join us for cocktails in our fabulous new bar, or start off the night on our dock overlooking the Leland River.  It's a  perfect place to start (or end!) the night.  Then sit down for an innovative dinner one of our newly renovated dining rooms or outside on our deck.  Our chef's rely on the bounty of our area to prepare one of a kind meals. We are proud to support local farms and purveyors to bring you the freshest ingredients artfully prepared.

Peruse our extensive (and award winning!) wine list.  You are certain to find fabulous local wines, as well as amazing wines from around the world.  And do check our events list for special themed dinners and dinners with wineries.  



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Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We focus on buying locally sourced ingredients, helping local businesses and organic farmers.

Our commitment to use the finest quality, locally grown and sustainable ingredients when available will cater to the locavores, the eco-conscious, and gourmets alike.
This dedication provides our guests with an unequaled dining experience by blending local flavors in our menu.

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Our Love for Food

In our first seasons, no one was talking about local food movements.  It was 1997, and that wasn’t a “thing” yet.  But, when you live in an area that produces so many local foods, it doesn’t have to be a “thing” to do it. By virtue of being in Leelanau County, we automatically carried many local products. They were better or fresher than nationally distributed products. But, a few yeas ago, we decided we needed to increase this.  

Our goal is to have our menu and beverage program hit a minimum of 25% local products.  We made this choice because of the economic impact this has for our area. The more we buy locally, the more we are supporting our neighbors (and friends!). This not only affects the owners of these farms or businesses, it gives them the ability to hire more people or pay competitive wages. It helps everyone. And, let’s face it, Leelanau Peninsula and the greater region of Northwest Michigan offers an abundance of produce, wines and locally made products.  The quality is amazing, and you can taste that when you dine with us.


Local Partners


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